News: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – The Complete Official Guide

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is a very special game for us. It is the result of several years’ work on the trilogy, with all of the team’s experience culminating to offer an outstanding concluding title. It is a synthesis of memorable features and faces from previous Final Fantasy XIII episodes, but also a new and distinct adventure in its own right.

When I look back, I realize that our decision to make Lightning Returns so open, and to give full control to the player, was a bold move. With three difficulty levels, a world that evolves throughout the thirteen-day timeline, and the unpredictability of each player’s choices, ensuring that the game remained fun and balanced no matter what was incredibly challenging; and this was a challenge that we embraced. We have worked hard to refine Lightning Returns so that there is always something in it for you, wherever you are and no matter what you have achieved to that point in the game.

This is precisely where this guide comes in. With so many things to be accomplished and uncovered in a game world teeming with opportunities, this book will be a teacher with boundless patience, a savior when things seem bleak, and a wise friend always on hand to offer the advice you need. It is encyclopedic, yet unfailingly accessible. Our longtime partner, Piggyback, has accomplished miracles in creating this authoritative (and beautiful!) companion tome.

I am pleased and honored to welcome you to the world of Nova Chrysalia, and I trust that this guide will help you enjoy every last moment of our game to its fullest.

Motomu Toriyama
Director, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Complete Official Guide will be available in two distinct editions: a Standard Edition and a Collector’s Edition.

- The softcover Standard Edition guide includes a two-sided map poster covering the entire game world, is printed on high-quality paper, and has 324 packed pages.

- The Collector’s Edition guide is printed on high-quality paper and bound in a hard cover. It includes an extra-large two-sided map poster and a unique code for free download of the “Art of War” DLC, which comprises an outfit, weapon and shield. The guide is limited to just one print run and has two bookmarks for easy navigation. The extra 32-page section includes beautiful concept art and exclusive insights directly from the development team.

The guide will be released simultaneously with the game on February 11 in North America and on February 14 in Europe, Australia and New Zealand*.

Test the guide now and download 48 sample pages for free. Click here!

*The respective guide editions will be released in the following territories and languages:

Standard Edition: North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
Collector’s Edition: North America and Europe.